Mettler Toledo
METTLER TOLEDO specializes in providing precision instruments with the most comprehensive range of services on a global level. With more than 10,000 employees, the company generates annual sales of over 1.8 billion US$. Mettler-Toledo International Inc. has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1997 (MTD). METTLER TOLEDO instruments are used

InPro6800 G - Amperometric Oxygen Gas Sensor
InPro6850i G - Amperometric Oxygen Gas Sensor
pH / ORP (Redox) Transmitter
Oxygen Transmitter
THORNTON 770MAX Multi-Channel Analyzer/Transmitter

Oil / Gas Industry
The successful installation of a process analyzer is a correctly designed sample transport and conditioning system. Our extensive experience in the design of sampling systems for all type of analysers in many type of processes enable us to offer a complete solution package that will ensure all the benefits of the analysis are realized and reliably provided.

In-line amperometric sensors for oxygen gas measurement in chemical processes combine high operational availability with excellent performance. Without the need for an expensive gas sample conditioning system, the InPro6000G sensor series can be installed directly in the process and sensor maintenance can be performed without process interruption. METTLER TOLEDO offers a unique, easy-to-use and reliable solution for challenging applications such as N2 blanketing, inertization and off-gas monitoring in hazardous or non-hazardous applications.

SERVOPRO 4100 Gas Analyser
The 4100 is designed to meet the process control and product qualification needs of industrial gas producers and users.
Easy to set up and operate
Low maintenance
Extremely stable and reliable sensors
Can measure up to four gases simultaneously
External analogue input facilities
RS232 / RS485 serial data output
Modbus TM communications

THORNTON 770MAX Multi-Channel Analyzer/Transmitter
THORNTON 770MAX Multiparameter Analyzer/Transmitters with Smart Sensor Technology allow monitoring 6 channels of conductivity, resistivity, pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, ozone, TOC, flow, temperature, pressure, and level. Smart Sensors automatically identify themselves to the 770MAX transmitter, providing set up and unique calibration data for instant multiparameter configuration.

SERVOFLEX Micro i.s (5100 i.s)
The SERVOFLEX Micro i.s is a single component Intrinsically Safe Portable Gas Analyser that is certified to zone 0 and zone 1.
This unique analyser is certified to zone 0 without the need for purge. Suitable for measuring % levels of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. All sensors use non-depleting technologies, maximizing availability and reducing maintenance and operating costs.

OMA-406 Rack Mount
Classic OMA performance in a lab-friendly form factor.
Functionally and electronically identical to the OMA-300 UV-VIS, the solid state OMA-406R is designed to be rack-mounted. This turn-key unit fits a standard 19" rack, providing typical OMA outputs including 4-20mA, RS232, and Modbus (TCP/IP, Ethernet, serial).

XTP600 Oxygen Analyzer for Safe or Hazardous Areas
When a process oxygen application demands high accuracy and stability, along with lowest maintenance cost, paramagnetic oxygen technology is usually preferred. If, in addition, the application calls for a rugged and reliable, corrosion resistant analyzer, the thermo-paramagnetic principle of Michell's new XTP600 series makes it the instrument of choice.

The navigation-aid information is the basic and one of the most important information for the marine traffic safety. Abest Supplies Marine Navigation Aid, Lighting and Signalling Systems.

L330 - Low intensity
Low Intensity obstruction light Red fixed obstruction light for reliable night time marking of structures that present a hazard to aviation in accordance with UK CAP168 Type B. Incorporates the benefits of advanced LED and optical technology to meet the challenges of the most demanding applications.

L303EX-R-H20-055 - Marine lanterns
Explosion proof subsidiary marine lantern (3Nm) Explosion proof subsidiary marine lantern, designed to provide 3 nautical miles red omni-directional visual coverage. For offshore structures and for connection to the Orga Navaids Central Control panel (NCCP) concept.

L75SA-R-AC-32 - Offshore aviation lighting
LED Low intensity aeronautical obstruction light A new generation of LED low intensity aeronautical obstruction lights to meet the demanding requirements of offshore environmental conditions. Based on low power long life LED technology with a lamp life up to 100,000 hours and designed from stainless steel, these fittings meet the regulatory requirements for CAP437 and ICAO.

FH800(3)EX(-SS) - Foghorns
Explosion proof foghorn Explosion proof foghorn, designed to provide 2 nautical miles omni-directional coverage. For offshore structures and in line with IALA and DGSM regulatory requirements.

VDX05EX Fog Detector
Reliable visibility meter / fog detector, low cost of ownership
Continuous visibility metering Visibility thresholds to trigger foghorns and/or lights Designed to meet the harsh offshore environment (salt, water, etc)

SS24EX - Miscellaneous
Explosion proof external photocell Used in conjunction with the Navaid Central Control Panel (NCCP). The explosion proof photocell provides automatic control of the marine lanterns / aeronautical obstruction lights at dawn and dusk.

Chemical Industry
The gas you use or deliver has to meet contractual specifications. In many refineries and petrochemical plants, furnaces, turbines and boilers can be exposed to frequent and sudden changes in the fuel gas composition. These changes will immediately affect the operating stability of your combustion process and can cause unwanted emissions.

The WIM COMPAS™ series is the latest addition to the Hobré Instruments portfolio of process analyzers for Wobbe Index, Heating Value/BTU and Combustion Air Requirement Index. It succeeds the very successful WIM 9600 and 9900 series calorimeters.

WIM 9900 Series
The WIM 9900 measures the Wobbe Index, Combustion Air Requirement (CARI) and Calorific Value of Natural Gas, Fuel Gas, Coke Oven Gas, Blast Furnace Gas, etc. The WIM9900 Wobbe Index analyser offers an unmatched combination of response time, accuracy and availability over a large range of gas compositions without the concerns of flameouts or the need for support gases.